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My goal is to help those who come to me in need and resonate with my Destiny, to reach a desired outcome.  The help I provide is not always just from a strictly "spiritual" perspective. Over time I have nurtured relationships to assist individuals obtain success in entrepreneur ventures, have flourishing relationships, see illumination in their future, etc. Do you wish you had a positive influence that could steer you in the right direction while catering to your mind, body, and soul?

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Isis Moon is my Spiritual Oasis/Healing House privately located near Savannah, Ga.  Though you can purchase your favorite spiritual odds and ends, as well as pray and receive is far from a storefront or a temple. It is my own little mystical world away from the world. Isis Moon is something that I am always in love with enhancing and have on-going plans of expansion to multiple locations. Available only to invited clients or guest. Click below for details or visitation interest.

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In celebration of my own spiritual journey, I often sponsor events once or twice a year to honor my culture and show gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon me. I will post these public events via social media and email.

I am also available to host group gatherings for discussion on metaphysical studies, african spirituality, holistic life coaching, womanhood, and more.  These themed workshops and spiritual clinics can be arranged upon request.

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