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The Ibeji (which is the Yoruba word for Twins) give a heartfelt description of their journey with me.
Amanda & Samantha

Full Testimonies


Every since I have been working with Iya J, many aspects of my life have began to have positive movement and growth.  For a few years, I felt stuck. I knew I was supposed to be doing something, growing in certain areas, but could not figure out what it was and how to go about doing it. Since I have been receiving guidance from Iya Jai, people have noticed an energetic and spiritual change within and around me. They say...I don't know what your doing but keep doing it! 


All my life, I have struggled with my relationship with my biological mother. There has always been a lack of emotional support, mother daughter conversations, personal time, etc. I felt in a sense motherless and rejected as i watched my mother give what I desired to my sister.  I prayed for a God Mother that would give me the tools and love that I needed in my life. Iya J came into my life. 


 Iya J is developing a mother figure relationship with me becoming the mother figure that I always desired and needed. She is serious about her work and serious about the development of those that seek her guidance.  Iya J is truly God sent and here to help many.  I'm blessed to be apart of that many!


Atlanta, GA, USA