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*The Divine Feminine Membership Is

By Approval Only (Click Here To Apply)

Group Coaching & Plans

"For those who want more than a reading but to truly improve their life"

  • The Collective

    Join the community and support the movement - FREE Access
    Valid for 6 months
    • VIP Access: Private Spiritual Forum & Chat
    • Behind The Scenes Content
    • Spiritual Wellness Content
    • Be The First To Know About Upcoming Events & Activities
  • *The Divine Feminine Membership

    Every month
    For the woman of color who's already WINNING yet seeking spiritual mentorship and elevation
    • Installment Payment Plan Options For Spiritual Work
    • Private Spiritual Forum & Chat
    • VIP Checkups: Monthly Divination On Your Spiritual Wellness
    • VIP: Monthly 1:1 Wellness Session Calls
    • Exclusive Event Invitations & Intros to Prominent Elders
    • Events: 3 - 4 FREE Annual In-Person Meetups
    • Monthly Rituals & Self-Discovery Assignments
    • Monthly Tribe Readings (Collective)
    • Discounts: 15% Off Readings & Divinations
    • Discounts: 10% Off Spiritual Work, Events, & Programs
    • Recommended Resources (Articles, Books, Leaders)
    • Healing House: Access to overnight stay for wellness
    • Iya's Feedback On Approved DIY Spell/Spiritual Work
    • Protective Practice Circles: Spiritual Gift Development
    • Spiritual Course Access: 70+ Instructional Videos & Audios
    • Payment Pauses Upon Approval & Need For Existing Members
    • Business Networking
  • Short Term Plan (3 Sessions)

    This plan allows for anyone to receive readings/divination within 3 coaching sessions of your choice
    Valid for 6 months
    • Mediumship Reading
    • Dream Interpretation
    • Kongo Spiritual Divination
    • Ifa/Dafa Divination
    • Spiritual Court / Egbe Investigation
    • Ancestor Investigation
    • Orisha Cowrie Shell Divination
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