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The Divine Feminine Community
Manifestation & Spiritual Coaching

By Approval Only (Click to Apply)

Group Coaching

  • Platinum Membership

    Every month
    Perfect For Those Seeking Spiritual Mentorship & Development
    • Installment Payment Plan Options For Spiritual Work
    • VIP Inclusion: Weekly Ose Ifa/Tribe Affirmation Meetings
    • VIP Access: Private Spiritual Forum & Chat
    • VIP Access: Intros to Prominent Elders
    • VIP Support: Monthly Spiritual Checkups With Obi (Kola nut)
    • VIP Support: Monthly Rituals & Self-Discovery Assignments
    • VIP Support: Monthly Tribe Readings (Collective)
    • Discounts: 15% Off Readings & Divinations
    • Discounts: 10% Off Ebo, Spiritual Work, Events & Programs
    • Invitation to Private Events
    • Recommended Resources (Articles, Books, Leaders)
    • Healing House: Access to overnight stay for wellness
    • Weekly Audios with Personal Insight and Guidance From Iya
    • Iya's Feedback On Approved DIY Spell/Spiritual Work
    • Protective Practice Circles: Spiritual Gift Development
    • Life Coaching: Receive a Holistic Action Plan
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