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Janiqwa Nganga

I am a healer and priestess of several African Spiritual systems.  I am a Spiritualist (Spirit Medium).  Also, I am a Life Coach specializing in Spirituality, Manifestation, and the Divine Feminine (Women Empowerment). 


I have been declared princess of the Bateke Tribe (one of my ancestral tribes in Brazza-Congo) and the Ambassador for the Diaspora for the United Kingdoms of Africa Association.  My position is to guide those that I am destined to help on a path of enlightenment and bring african cultural awareness to those within the diaspora. 


Throughout the years, I have acquired many titles such as shaman, healer, priestess, spiritualist, conjurer, witch, etc. None is more significant than just simply being a Wise Woman who knows her purpose.  I am a woman committed to fulfilling my destiny with excellency.


Kongo Spirituality


Ifa Orisa Guidance

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Divine Feminine Coaching

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Manifestation Coaching


Spiritual Coaching


"A black woman's journey to ascension and enlightenment" ~ Iya J.

I have studied and trained in many spiritual systems as shown below.  However, I was born in Savannah, Georgia which has always been "home" no matter where I go.  I also lived in Summerville, South Carolina, for several childhood years. Therefore, being born and raised in the Gullah Geechee areas of the country, I include much of my cultural background into my spiritual practices.  With that, I would say I formally started out as a Hoodoo practitioner, transitioned to a trained Spiritualist/Medium and then I progressed from there into priesthood.  I have traced my ancestry on my father's side back to four tribes of the Kingdom of Kongo and my mother's side of one tribe in Sudan, the ancient Kingdom of Kush.  This has all led me on a very interesting spiritual journey which circled me right back to where I started, except on a more elevated level.


The following are my spiritual credentials in addition to a BS in Engineering, 11 years as an Aeronautics Software Engineer and over 20 years of Engineering and Software Development experience.  Below are the spiritual practices I have initiated into and trained within, as well as some lineage information:


Osogbo, Nigeria

  • Initiated as High Priestess in the W. African tradition of IFA by the Ajala family in Osogbo, Nigeria

  • Initiation led by Oluwo Sangosakin Ajala ( Initiated priest of Sango and son of Sangodare Ajala)

  • Sangosakin was initiated to Ifa by Chief Fakayode Faniyi - the Agbonbon of Osogbo


Cuban Lineage

  • Initiated High Priestess of the Cuban lineage of Kongo Spirituality called Palo Mayombe to the Mpungu Nsazi, by African American and Cuban elders here in the U.S.

  • Trained by my Padrino Arecio Conde (native of Cuba and initiated over 65 years ago at the age of 14 by his god father, a native of Kongo



  • Specializing in DNA Healing & Activation, Negative Entity Removal, Kundalini Activation. 

  • Received Mastership and Attunements in Eastern Healing Methodologies from Kiel Aman (Energetic Healer, Author, and Reiki Master of over 24 yrs; also Initiated to Ifa under the name Ifalade Efunade Irinlade Ogunbunmi Fatunmise)

  • Kiel Aman initiated to Ifa by Chief Fakayode Faniyi the Agbonbon of Osogbo, Nigeria in 1999 and trained under Ifatoki Oguntolu and Chief Adebolu ‘Fabukola Fatunmise, the Pelenfa of Ile Ife


Southern Low Country, USA

  • Self Study; Gullah Geechee Background


Republic of Congo

  • Traditional Kongolese Spiritualism: Trained by High Priest, Tata Kinzonzi of Brazzaville, Rep. of Congo

  • Kongolese Traditional Culture, Language, and History: Mentored by Tata Titos Sompa of Brazzaville, Rep. of Congo,

  • Princess of the Bateke Tribe (Brazza-Congo)

  • Ambassador for the African Diaspora (United Kingdoms of Africa Association)


USA & Osogbo, Nigeria

Initiated to Orisa (Orisha) as a priestess of the following:

  • Osun (Oshun) by elders here in the United States led by Iyanifa Olosun Osunleye (current Mami Wata priestess and crowned as Amegansie Apokassi) and Baba Ifalade Fatunmise. Both initiated in Osogbo, Nigeria in 1999 initiated to Ifa by Chief Fakayode Faniyi - the Agbonbon of Osogbo

  • Yemo/Yemowo (not to be confused with Yemoja) by Iya Oyelola Elebuibon, Ogbeyonu Temple, wife of the Araba of Osogbo, Nigeria

  • Egbe by Iya Osundara and other elders of Osogbo, Nigeria



  • Womb Oracle and Inducted Priestess into the Mysteries of Sacred Feminine & Goddess Societies



  • Espiritismo/Spiritualism:  Trained by Padrino/Elder Arecio Conde and other god parents 



  • New Orleans Voodoo: Self Study and periodic study with Dr. Elmer Glover of New Orleans, LA

  • Licensed Metaphysics Universal Life Minister

  • Shaman:  Native American Shamanism and Kundalini Activation, Trained by Shaman Shakti priestess in London

  • Hermetics: Self Study

  • Gypsy Magic: Romanian Elder (name provided upon request)

  • Curanderismo and Saint Magick: Mexican Elder (name provided upon request)

  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy  

  • Akashic Records & Past Life Regression: Self Study

  • Herbalism: Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and trained by my Padrino Arecio Conde



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