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Manifest Your Reality

You are a Creator of your own reality.  Your energy, your thoughts, your words, your actions are the source of what you see play out in your life. 

Be The Cause, Not The Effect!

Stand In Your Power!


Iya J's Manifestation Programs

I've spent years developing techniques, creating tools and "tweaking my magick" to get it jussst right. I wanted to see manifestations in my own life and those within my tribe be MAJOR, before presenting my approaches to others.  And now I'm ready.


These Manifestation Programs will show you exactly how to Manifest Like A Goddess.


Choose for yourself, specialized guidance in any one or more of these four areas:

Unlock Your Own Magick

Clear Road Blocks

Break Soul Ties & Attract Your Destiny Mate

Level Up Wealth Goddess



Duration:  8 weeks

Life Value:  PRICELESS

Time Value: Over $4000

  • 6 x Private 1:1 Live Coaching Sessions

  • 6 x Ritual Implementation Tools

  • Personalized Ritual for Manifesting

  • 2 x Mediumship Sessions To Overcome Blockages & Check Progress

  • 1 x NLP Session To Address Rooted Issues

  • Specialized Training In ONE of the four areas (Unlock Your Own Magick, Clear Roadblocks, Love, Wealth)

  • Resources:

    • ​Subconscious - Spiritual Action Plan

    • "Goddess Memoirs" Journal

    • Ancestor or Spirit Guide Report

    • (6) Pre-recorded coaching modules

    • Guided Meditations

  • Big Bonuses (Plus): 

    • Brass Adornments

    • 4-week Access to the "Divine Feminine Tribe" Chat 

    • Library

    • Ritual Ambience Tools:  Candles, Teas, Tinctures, etc.

    • Discounts for Events, Future Programs, and more

  • Email & Telegram Support In-Between Sessions

  • Ritual Ceremony to Commemorate the Completion of Your Manifestation Program​

Your Monetary Investment In Yourself:  $1555* / program



*All financing applications will be approved. Other forms of financing provided. No Denials!

**Multiple program purchases:  $1555 for the initial program and $999 for each additional one when purchased together

***Price does not include any additional spiritual work requested or prescribed

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Some ways to know that these Programs ARE right for you if

  • you are serious about your spiritual development

  • you are looking for someone to guide you, not save you (see below)

  • you are respectful to spiritual elders

  • you are moldable and changeable

  • you are already successful or well-established in some area(s) of your life

  • you are not receiving spiritual mentorship from anyone else or active participant in other spiritual groups

These Programs ARE NOT right for you if

  • you are uncertain about moving forward spiritually, curious, or just testing/trying something new

  • you are looking for someone to "fix" your life and/or save you

  • you do not respect elders, traditions, the spiritual world and/or African Spiritual Practices

  • you are a "know it all" or know too much for your own good

  • you have bounced around from spiritual elder or group quite often

  • you are looking for a course, for someone to "teach" you, or you just like gathering information 

  • you believe everything you hear/see on social media


(4) Amazing Manifestation Programs

No more witchcrafting, controlling, or manipulating other people to see results in life.  Learn to operate in your own power miraculously and develop your spiritual gifts.

Clear Road Blocks

Identify the obstacles that are blocking you from manifesting your intentions.  Use the proper energy sources to run over those blockages and clear your roads. 

Break Soul Ties & Attract Your Destiny Mate

Operate as a Power House with a mate that is destined to help you get the job done.  Shed the threads of past partners who may still be sucking your energy and benefiting from it.

Level Up Wealth Goddess

You are already on top of your money game.  You are a money magnet.  You flow like a goddess of wealth and prosperity.  But now it's time to up the ante and go to the next level.

Unlock Your Own Magick

Specific RESULTS you can plan to see with these programs

Unlock Your Own Magick:  

  • You have identified one or more spiritual gifts you are blessed with. You know how to use them effectively to see more of your intentions manifest, use in ritual, enhance your connection with Spirit  and/or communicate with the Spiritual Realm.

Road Block Bulldozer

  • You identify the obstacles blocking you in one or more areas of your life.  You know what's the best source or energy to use to clear these blockages.  Things begin to flow and you start seeing change and/or measurable results in some area that was previously stagnant.

Break Soul Ties & Attract Your Destiny Mate

  • You identify ties, cords, connections to past lovers that are still sucking energy from you.  You break some or all of these attachments.  You attract your destiny mate or a "Template" person for your destiny mate into your life.  You see the pros, the cons, and feel the blessings of coupling with someone in alignment with your destiny.

Level Up Goddess Of Wealth

  • You identify what you need to do or incorporate in your life to go up another level with success or finances in your life.  You begin operating in the necessary ways that is above what you were previously doing.  You see confirmation from Spirit and/or full results that the changes you have made are manifesting success and financial increase on a higher level.

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