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Iyami Aje

Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Yoruba

The Architects of Existence: Aje in Yoruba Cosmology, Ontology, and Orature

Teresa Washington

In The Architects of Existence: Aje in Yoruba Cosmology, Ontology, and Orature, Washington undertakes an in-depth exploration of Aje’s Yoruba Gods, origins, and manifestations to reveal the force’s vast depth, complexity, and scope. By analyzing diverse sources, including published studies, historical texts, divination verses, and interviews with Yoruba wisdom keepers, Washington elucidates the multifaceted and complex nature of Aje and reveals the power to be extraordinarily dynamic, influential, and logical. Washington’s meticulous exposition of Aje includes chapters on the multifold power of Odu, the Great Mother Aje; Aje’s signs, symbols, and orders of operation; manifestations of Aje in the Odu Ifa; the roles of Aje in Yoruba secret societies and sacred institutions; and the impact of Aje on some of the Yoruba world’s most influential sons, including Olatubosun Oladapo, Wole Soyinka, and Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

The Source of Iya Nla Primordial Yoruba Mother


A woman who is also an Iyalaja, Awo Ifa and Iyalaje needs to know what her spiritual connection is with Orun (heaven) and Aiye (earth) in each one of every diverse manifestation inside the creation. We, as women should realize that our physical and spiritual correlation with Aje energy have been granted to us as a guide to seek how to empower our spiritual development without abusing or altering the balance of existence.

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