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Birds Of A Feather

Community involvement is one of the most important aspects of being a High Priestess.  Birds Of A Feather is a platform for establishing a few standard ways to connect, expand and service those within the community as well as those with like-minded goals.  Although there will be various ways I choose to spread knowledge and assist others throughout my journey, I plan for these to be on-going projects and opportunities.  BOAF is designed to be a social community in and of itself consisting of  serious individuals looking to come together to create a synergy and alchemy for a more "polished" culture. Sign Up to receive access to literary information, community events, videos, discounts, projects, and much more for all members.



Enthusiastically Awaiting Your Ideas

and Propositions!


Patron Members 

Help someone get spiritual work who can not afford it, Support Community Events, Institutions to be built, Travel for Master Teachers to come share knowledge, and much more

Sponsorship & Fundraising

Got Community Events or Projects you think may align with me? Maybe I can help...

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